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RuralAMFM is an advertising agency that works on behalf of radio stations to facilitate sales for political buys. Our extensive background in political efforts allows us to understand how to help stations achieve exposure and greater value from political budgets. We believe in radio as an important voter contact mechanism for political entities and a strong radio strategy can be the tip of the spear to win an election.

  • Political Exposure

    Be in the mix for more federal, statewide, and national buys. The scope of our work includes political campaigns, PACs, organizations, and corporate clients.

  • More Ads, New Dollars

    We work with stations of all formats and sizes, including local and independent stations that are sometimes overlooked. Increase your overall political revenue with dollars that were previously unattainable.

Radio References

Here’s what stations are saying about RuralAMFM!

“My political talk show is syndicated on over 20 affiliates across the state of Michigan, which has helped make us a common landing ground for campaigns and political organizations for many years. However, RuralAMFM has been successful in driving additional business our way and increasing our overall revenue from political sales. Many radio stations are only scratching the surface when it comes to political advertising dollars, and would benefit from RuralAMFM’s ability to identify new buyers and increase station sales and exposure.” – Steve Gruber, The Steve Gruber Show and the Michigan Talk Network

“Our stations have loved working with RuralAMFM! They’ve been successful in identifying new political business, and increasing revenue from political sales that we wouldn’t otherwise have. Their attentiveness to detail and organization makes things easy on stations, as they coordinate every aspect of the buy. We are excited to continue to partner with RuralAMFM in the future!” – Melanie Wilkinson, Five Forty Broadcasting Company, North Carolina

Frequently Asked Questions

We already sell political, why work with RuralAMFM?

Radio is nowhere near its full potential when it comes to political advertising dollars. Decades of experience in the political realm helps us understand what’s important to political advertisers and how buying radio strategically can benefit them. Stations in our network are benefiting from new revenue and exposure they’ve never had before.

Our station is in an unrated market or doesn’t subscribe to ratings, can we still benefit?

Absolutely. Many local, independently owned radio stations have partnered with RuralAMFM. There are great radio stations consistently overlooked, and RuralAMFM is putting them on the radar for regional, statewide, and national political buys.

What if our station already works with other rep firms, agencies, or sells political advertising on our own?

No problem. RuralAMFM’s agreement is non-exclusive, allowing you to work wiith other agencies, campaigns, and political entities. We work with many campaigns, PACs, organizations, and corporate clients that stations don’t already have a relationship with. Our goal is to help your station bring in additional revenue to complement what you’re already doing.

Will RuralAMFM take a commission on business we already have?

RuralAMFM works with political campaigns, PACs, organizations, and corporate issue advertisers. We’re not going to interfere in local advertising with businesses you’re currently working with. Our company is built on adding value to our political clients and radio stations, so we’re not looking to take a commission on your ongoing advertising campaigns.

What workload is expected out of our station?

We make things as easy on stations as possible. RuralAMFM works with buyer agencies and political entities to facilitate the entire buy. We communicate with the buyer, obtain the formatted audio of the advertisement, collect payment, and coordinate the political paperwork. We then submit the order and send a check with payment due to your station.

Can I increase my rates to account for RuralAMFM’s commission?

Radio stations cannot increase rates to account for our commission. Our commission must be taken from the funds a station makes on an order. We are treated the same way as a local sales rep would be paid commision for selling advertising.

We’d like to join the RuralAMFM network, how do we get started?

Great! We’ll just need a signed copy of our agreement returned, your political rates, and information on your station. Send an email to to get in touch.

Political Entities and Media Buyers

RuralAMFM works with campaigns, PACs, organizations, corporations, and media buyers to facilitate radio buys. A strong radio strategy can give political entities a huge advantage over their competition. RuralAMFM’s national network of radio stations, voter indexing and targeting, and commitment to serve political clients can help take your radio buying to the next level.

  • Strategic Advantage

    The more crowded television and the digital space gets with political advertisements, the more important other mediums like radio become, especially since many voters rely on radio daily as their primary source of news, information, and music. A strong radio strategy can be the difference in an election.

  • Voter Targeting

    The future of political radio buying is here! Go beyond ratings and format, and understand what voters you’ll be reaching by placing on stations in our network. RuralAMFM will provide you with an analysis based on your campaign and the voters you are targeting.

  • No Cost

    We know campaigns are busy, so let RuralAMFM facilitate your radio buy at no cost to you. You’ll receive the same rates that you would independently of us, but we’ll take on the workload of placement. Media buying agencies can also still make a commission when they work RuralAMFM.

  • Greater Reach

    Buying radio is tedious, especially when you get more granular than just placing on a few stations in major markets. Our network includes many independent and locally owned stations that are prime for political advertising. Placement on these stations can give you a huge advantage over your competition who likely will not be communicating to these same listeners.

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If you are a radio station, media buyer, or political entity interested in partnering with RuralAMFM, simply fill out this form and we will be in touch with you soon.

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